Invest for Change

Resources to help students and universities to explore and get involved with the campaign:

Starter checklist: a checklist of actions to help students get starter on local Invest for Change campaigns.


Student campaign guide: a guide for students and students' unions on university investment, including engagement and policies, as well as how to run a successful Invest for Change campaign.

Universities guide: a guide for universities looking to work on responsible investment, outlining different effective actions an institution can take.

Developing a responsible investment policy: a checklist of areas to include in a best practice responsible investment policy.

Conversations with universities: top tips on how to productively engage with your university on investments, including common fob offs and recommended responses.

Template students' union policy: a template to help students pass policy supporting Invest for Change campaigns at students' unions.

Template for initial university engagement: a resource to support students to make initial contact with the university on university investments.

Formulating a campaign aim and asks: an exercise to help campaigners formulate campaign aims and ask.



Resources to help students call on universities, or to directly support universities, to invest in environmental and social justice solutions:


Community Energy Briefing - why our universities should be committing to developing on-campus community energy projects as part of the just transition.


Positive reinvestment - a briefing which outlines loads of ethical projects, equity funds and bonds which universities could invest in instead of fossil fuels.


What's in a definition? - ShareAction's briefing aims to explore the language of investment, value and impact.



Resources to help universities actively engage with investments and investment managers:

Improving the Conversation - a document developed by ShareAction to help investors engage with thier asset managers.


Point of no returns - ShareAction's ranking of 75 of the world’s asset managers approaches to responsible investment.

Building Trust Through Transparency - a briefing report by Positive Investment Cambridge outlining the benefits of transparency in investments.



Resources to support students to call on institutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry:



Don't Dither - Divest! - our full campaign guide to tell you what divestment is, why it matters, how to get started, and how to win.

Don't Dither Divest: Ethical Investments by Universities in Scotland - a guide to ethical investment by Scottish universities.


How to get your institution to divest and reinvest - a 2017 campaign outline to support your university divestment and reinvestment activism.


Making the case for action - editable template paper for outlining the arguments for fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment to university committees.


Stranded assets note - to support campaigners in articulating 'stranded assets theory' to senior managers as part of the arguments for fossil fuel divestment.



Organiser briefing - a basic introduction to getting involved with Divest-Invest if you're in FE.

Campaign outline - a resource for FE students’ unions planning to campaign against links with the fossil fuel industry on their campus.



Birmingham students' union have kindly shared their divestment demands document.


Liverpool Guild of Students have shared their amazing and victorious case for fossil fuel divestment.


Zero Carbon Cambridge have shared their phenomenal submission to the University of Cambridge Divestment Working Group.


Generic templates for a motion on divestment to pass at your students' union: Divest-Invest template motion / Fossil Free students' union motion


Divestment motion passed at Cambridge: University of Cambridge students' union's divestment motion.


Template for a motion to Divest BarclaysDivest Barclays students' union motion 2019-20.



How campaigners at Durham University won on Divest-Invest.


How Beds SU got the University of Bedfordshire to sign up to the Fossil Fuel Declaration.


How the students' union at Reading University worked over a number of years to get the university to commit to full divestment from fossil fuels.